Starting April 1 2013  we are actively  looking to set up franchises across the USA. This is a ground floor opportunity with little to no competition. These areas will go fast so be one of the first to get started with us so you do not miss out. Our current model allows you to work from home and you decide how many hours you want to work. We have plans to fit your budget so you can get your business up and running quickly. The other beauty of this business is you don't have to be a sales person or a door knocker our customers want our service and are willing to pay for it. Why because they don't want to do it.

 This is a service business and best of all we are here to support you day in and day out. So get started by calling or emailing us to see how we can help you share in our sucess.


Sparkle Grill Cleaning is proud to offer its proven techniques and growing brand via  franchising  opportunity. This unique, niche business will provide individuals with the tools and the knowledge to provide a much needed service to an untapped market! 

Call us to find out more! 678-807-4303

Randy, I still can't believe how you transformed our grill! My husband loved his Father's Day present. 

Thanks very much.

Beverly C.

Milton, GA

 Prospective Team Members, 

If taking pride in your accomplishments and striving for excellence is in your DNA, then operating a BBQ grill cleaning and repair business may be for you. Sparkle Grill Cleaning is seeking qualified, motivated individuals to join its nationwide team. If you have the drive to get up every morning and look forward to wowing your clients, then maybe we should talk. 

This opportunity is about transforming dirty, filthy BBQ grills into outdoor focal points that homeowners are proud to call their own.

This grill cleaning opportunity is not:

  • buying just a business opportunity.
  • hauling a cleaning cart behind your vehicle.
  • soaking grill parts hoping that they will come clean.
  • having a rep clean one grill with you and then say, "Good luck!"
  • forcing you to spend more money creating your own website and own identity.
With our partnerships, you may be able to use our brand, logo, website, email, answering service and appointment scheduler, credit card processing and much more. We want you to start cleaning grills as soon as possible, not worry about learning how to cut and paste a picture into a website. We comprehensively clean and service high end BBQ grills to the extent that homeowners and property managers ask us how soon can we come back.

Sparkle Grill Cleaning is different from other grill businesses because we are there for you, and with you, day after day. Our model mandates that we take an interest in your business. We will not abandon you after the check clears. Additionally, you do not have to worry about us gouging you on purchasing supplies. You do not buy your products from us. We show you where to buy them and you get the same price as we get. 
As you can see by the pictures placed all over this website, we are proud of our achievements to date and are humbled by the testimonials of our clients. This grill cleaning business is not for everyone. Hard work, attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence is required.
Exclusive territories, nationwide clients and corporate partnerships are just a few of the benefits at Sparkle Grill Cleaning. If you like what you see and would like to learn more about the possibility of becoming a Sparkle Grill Cleaning Partner, contact us today at 678.807.4303 or info@sparklegrill. com
Additionally, in just 10 - 15 minutes, we can also evaluate your home market's potential to determine whether or not your market is a good candidate for this unique BBQ cleaning business.

Please note at this time that we are offering franchising opportunities in many states. Contact us for more information regarding your area's availability.

I have been asked why I am opening up my business to others. It is simple. Here in Atlanta, we work for many apartment and condominium owners. They like our service and results so much that they have asked if we were nationwide to service their other properties. As it is impossible for my crews and I to travel across the country cleaning grills, it is more practical to train others who live coast to coast and partner with those who can clean those grills that I cannot clean. 

After much deliberation, field research and vendor participation, and with assistance from my attorney constructing a fair franchising agreement, I feel that we have the best grill cleaning and repair business model in the United States.

Best wishes,

Randy Romero
Owner and Founder
Sparkle Grill Cleaning, LLC

 Multi-family grill sales

The pictures below show our assisting an apartment client with two new grills. As you can see, the grill on the left was what we replaced. With no cover and no electronic ignition, those grills were never used as they were percieved as dangerous by the residents.

The bottom picture shows our newly installled grills under the gazebo near the pool. They have been and still are a source of pride for the complex and a well used amenity by the residents.

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